Whirlpool Dips Its Toe Into The Smart Wifi Appliance Market

Written By: Energy Guru - Jan• 07•14

Whirlpool Smart AppliancesWhirlpool has taken the first foray into wifi electric appliances and appliances control.  These devices such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washer/dryer sets are capable of linking up to a new Whirlpool app that anyone can download to their smartphone.

With this app, any homeowner can monitor the progress of their washer/dryer without having to listen for the buzzer.  The homeowner can see if the refrigerator and freezer are the right temperature, and they can even check on the progress of the dishwasher before a huge dinner party.

Whirlpool’s wifi appliances allow the homeowner to do other things besides stand over the appliance and wait for it to finish.  Knowing that the dishes will be done in 14 minutes, the wash in 12 minutes, and that the freezer has been turned down to make the homemade ice cream set makes the entire home more convenient for the busy family that is constantly active and on the go.

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