The Samsung Home Electric Ecosystem

Written By: Energy Guru - Jan• 07•14

Smart Home by SamsungThe Samsung Smart Home service is designed to be the all-in-one home ecosystem for every family.  While the technology may sound new, it is simply an advancement of technology used in laboratories and hospitals.  The Smart Home was made to make the home more comfortable and efficient through a variety of systems.

The software for the system is divided into three features.  There is Device Control, Home View, and Smart Customer Service.

Device Control allows the homeowner to control any linked electric device in the home from a stereo to the dishwasher all from a central location.  Devices can be turned on an off to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills, and the output of each device can be monitored.

Home View allows the homeowner to see all of the electricity consumption in the entire house.  Being able to look over the consumption for the whole house allows the homeowner to see what the house is doing all in real time.

Smart Customer Service gives the homeowner a chance to contact Samsung for assistance with any appliance or electrical issue in the home.  The combination of these services gives the homeowner a three-pronged attack on energy efficiency and consumption.

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