The Panasonic Showcase Home Brings Energy Efficiency to a New Level

Written By: Energy Guru - Jan• 07•14

Panasonic Showcase HomeThe Panasonic Showcase Home is the newest wave in advanced home-building technology.  While the home is just like any other on the surface, it lives in a world that brings to most advanced techniques to the modern home.  In these homes, efficiency is the word.

Each home like the Panasonic Showcase Home is designed to sit on a grid with other similar homes that allows them all to share excess energy.  Being on this special grid helps to save each homeowner money and keep from wasting energy.

The countertops in the kitchen are hydroponic so that herbs and vegetables can be grown with excess water that is irrigated through the countertop.  Custom colorization technology allows the homeowner to move items in a room while the walls take the colors of each object and produce a complementary color on the wall.

Finally, the SMARTHEMS (Smart Home Energy Management System) from Panasonic allows for every electrical device in the home to linked to a central grid.  The system helps to conserve energy wherever necessary while showing the homeowner how much energy has been used.

The Panasonic Showcase Home has taken home technology to a completely new level.

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