Sentri Smart Home Device for the Tech Savvy

Written By: Energy Guru - Jul• 02•14

smart securityTech Savvy fanatics will embrace the newest security device on the market- Sentri. Makers of this smart home and security device claim that it is the smartest in its category. Sentri boasts features that enables users to geofence their home, monitor ambient conditions, set up alerts for irregularities, view trends and statistics and also check in on live video and audio feed.

Plugging in, switching on and connecting the device to a wifi network will get it up and running. It will then monitor the home and create a picture of normal conditions. The information is displayed on the screen and the related mobile app. The device will then begin to send notifications ranging from fluctuations in temperature to unexpected noise and motion.

Those who are mindful of an haphazard decor can also personalize Sentri’s appearance to blend with existing decor to make it less conspicuous. The device can either be placed on a shelf using the kick stand feature or mounted on a wall.

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