HomeKit App Software Rumored to Get Hardware Partner

Written By: Energy Guru - Aug• 12•14

Apple into the smart home spaceRumors are circulating that Apple is setting its sight on the home market following reports that the company is working on matching hardware for their recently released HomeKit Software. Sources say that the company is interested in products with a wide appeal such as home control panels and advanced speaker systems.

The reports are that Apple is beyond the exploration phase stages and the hardware may become a reality, though not anytime soon. If the hardware is developed, it would integrate with the HomeKit app which was unveiled in June.

The new software allows automation firms to synch with IOS. Customers can, therefore, control their devices using their iPad or iPhone. This pairing means that a user can use his or her iPhone to open their doors and even unlock their garage. In addition, HomeKit software also enables the grouping of devices.

It is highly speculated that the rumors have some measure of truth to it, as Apple has a history of releasing software before the hardware.

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