Google Buys Maker of Nest Thermostat

Written By: Energy Guru - Feb• 05•14

nest thermostatGoogle has purchased Nest, and with it its Nest thermostat. This innovative product helps to bring smart grid technology to more homeowners. Also, this product has been shown to be very easy to use for homeowners who are familiar with grid technology.

The Nest thermostat connects to the internet via a home’s wifi or internet signal. It is able to learn how the family likes their heat and cooling so that it can predict what to do in the future. This allows the homeowner to lower their heating and cooling bills by allowing Nest to change the temperature for them.

Controlling the Nest thermostat can be done from a computer or a tablet/smartphone. This means that homeowners can remotely control their home’s temperature without being in the home. The goal is to allow families to lower their bills with a system that works with their smartphones while they already use so much.

Nest currently has agreement with several major electricity providers including Reliant Energy and Green Mountain Energy in Texas.

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