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The Panasonic Showcase Home Brings Energy Efficiency to a New Level

The Panasonic Showcase Home is the newest wave in advanced home-building technology.  While the home is just like any other on the surface, it lives in a world that brings to most advanced techniques to the modern home.  In these homes, efficiency is the word. Each home like the Panasonic Showcase Home is designed to […]

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The Samsung Home Electric Ecosystem

The Samsung Smart Home service is designed to be the all-in-one home ecosystem for every family.  While the technology may sound new, it is simply an advancement of technology used in laboratories and hospitals.  The Smart Home was made to make the home more comfortable and efficient through a variety of systems. The software for […]

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Whirlpool Dips Its Toe Into The Smart Wifi Appliance Market

Whirlpool has taken the first foray into wifi electric appliances and appliances control.  These devices such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washer/dryer sets are capable of linking up to a new Whirlpool app that anyone can download to their smartphone. With this app, any homeowner can monitor the progress of their washer/dryer without having to listen […]

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